The Totalfit Level 1 is a progressive series of 20 modules broken down into easy-to-digest lessons. Each lesson will provide depth of understanding in each content area, offer assessments to check your understanding, as well as provide practical experiential learning activities.

Primary goals: 

  • prepare and certify a coach to start a Totalfit group and/or open a brick and mortar gym for regular training.
  • equip existing coaches with a measurable fitness framework for body, mind, and spirit into their current model.

The Totalfit Level 1 is accredited by NASM and AFAA and provides:

  • 1.9 NASM CEUs
  • 15 AFAA CEUs

Totalfit Level 1 - Український

Повністю розпакуйте та опануйте унікальну методологію Totalfit. З вимірюваною структурою фітнесу для тренування тіла, розуму та духу в цьому курсі для самостійного проходження.


Totalfit Level 1 - Español

Descubre y domina la metodología única de coaching de Totalfit. Con un marco de entrenamiento físico medible para el cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu en este curso autodidacta.


Introduction to Totalfit

What is Totalfit? 

Totalfit Inc. is a fitness, health, and wellness company that strives to help individuals, companies as well as organizations pursue optimal holistic health.



Introduction to Optimal Health

What is the difference between
Totalfit and thousands of other fitness options? Totalfit methodology takes people on a journey to optimal health by training the body, mind, nd spirit simultaneously.



Totalfit Foundational

For anyone who is interested in exploring the opportunity to be a coach in optimal health.

Primary goal: introduce Totalfit foundational concepts and teach how to properly facilitate a Totalfit workout.


Totalfit Introduction to Logotherapy

Logotherapy is the only psychology school that takes personal well-being beyond the body and mind.

Primary goal: make a fitness coach more effective in getting athletes or groups to reach optimal health.


Totalfit Optimal Nutrition Coaching

Are you ready to learn and practice holistic nutrition coaching, increase client commitment to your coaching, and meet a higher standard of nutrition coaching expertise? Then, start today!