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Totalfit is the next evolution in fitness coaching

There is no other system in the world that incorporates fitness for the entire person (Mind, Body, and Spirit). This holistic approach to fitness supercharges your physical results by engaging your clients on an emotional and spiritual level. This system has had massive success on a global scale and now we are making it available to you. 

Created from the combined knowledge of 100's of Experts from all over the globe.

This powerful Totalfit system was created in collaboration with experts from multiple fitness disciplines including Fitness Coaches, Nutritionists, Professional Life Coaches, Psychologists and more!

Certified Success

There are many reasons to consider becoming a Totalfit Level 1 coach. 

  • Gain access to the Totalfit Mentor program to help you partner with an experienced Totalfit coach. 
  • Learn the complete Totalfit methology that includes detailed examples and exercises, structured coaching sessions, storytelling and more!
  • Discover our digital library of session examples and resources to make your coaching sessions extremely easy to plan. 
  • Claim the right to use the Totalfit Brand in your business. This is the credibility of a global brand leader that you can leverage in your own programs. 
  • In-person and virtual training options to become a qualified Totalfit coach in the best way to match your learning style.
  • And much more! 

Totalfit Level 1 Online Course

We now have an expanded and improved online Level 1 course.

  • 100% digital course 
  • Complete on your own schedule
  • Engaging video modules -short and easy to watch
  • Knowledge checks to ensure you're getting the most out of your learning experience
  • Practical assignments to help you personalize your program as you go
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Who is this for:

The new fitness coach

who has the enthusiasm to help others, but needs the structure to get the most gains for their clients.

The seasoned fitness coach

who wants access to the latest advances in health and fitness.

Gym owners

who want to create a world-class experience for their gym members and set themselves apart in the marketplace.

Fitness enthusiasts

who are passionate about learning what actually works to bring the best fitness gains.

Totalfit Level 1

is approved by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

The course provides:

  • 1.9 NASM CEUs
  • 15 AFAA CEUs

Here's what others have to say about their Totalfit experience...


I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the Level 1 training. I was worried that my lack of knowledge in fitness would show but everything was explained so well and was easy to learn. All the instructors were so knowledgeable. They made everyone comfortable and everyone acted as if we all knew each other. I typically hate class lectures and expected them to be boring but due to the awesome instructors time flew by. The activities were fun along with the workouts.


Totalfit Level 1 training has changed my whole outlook on fitness training. The training taught me the importance of proper form during physical movements to keep myself safe from injury, as well as teaching me what that proper form is. This is important because I live to chase my kids around and look forward to keeping up with grandchildren one day. It also taught me the importance of total body, mind, and spirit health and fitness-when one part of me is not healthy, really none of me is. It really brought everything full circle and I am forever grateful for Totalfit. I’ve even been able to show my athletic children proper movements!


Getting my certification as a coach with Totalfit has driven home for me the reality that the holistic side of the program truly impacts the mind and spirit. These aren’t merely add-ons or superficial connections. As I grow in coaching, I grow in my desire to continue to use Totalfit and to continue this upward trajectory of pursuing optimal health and calling others to do the same.

Join the worldwide health revolution

Totalfit is dedicated to equipping coaches around the world with high-quality tools, unique methodology, processes, and support so they can bring optimal health to the masses.

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